Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Vaadin Cheat Sheets

I designed the Vaadin Cheat Sheet last summer. I really like it, especially its style that follows the Vaadin graphical style.

During the last few weeks, the demand for the cheat sheets has been growing. There's one on display at the ICT building in Turku, where you can get a free copy of Book of Vaadin. This week, I got some more lamination pockets to make more laminated cards. The new pockets with matt finish are nice, you can even write on them with a pencil.

I somewhat enjoy laminating the cards. Even though it's purely manual labour, it's quite relaxing to work manually by a routine for a change and not have to think or design anything. This also means that I can't make the cards by the thousands, like the books. Nevertheless, I try to make enough for IT Mill customers, some community members, and for special promotion purposes.

Just today, I corrected a small error: the CSS style class of the ComboBox component is v-filterselect, not v-combobox. There might be other similar errors.

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