Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New revision of Book of Vaadin is out

Work stuff. We have been getting a new revision of the Book of Vaadin out about every six months and the latest came from print today. This time we didn't increment the edition number, so it is the 1st revision of the 4th Edition. Essentially, one major reason was that we ran out of colors in the Vaadin color palette so the new revision looks just as yellow-orange as the original 4th Edition.

Regardless of the similar appearance, the revision packs almost 100 pages more content. The biggest change is the reorganization into two parts: the core framework and the addons. Some new add-on documentation is included in the core part: Vaadin Control Panel for Liferay, Vaadin IPC, and Vaadin WSRP. The SQLContainer add-on is now part of the core framework.

Of the add-on documentation, the JPAContainer chapter was entirely rewritten couple of months ago and the Calendar chapter was revised more recently.

Unfortunately, there are some outdated parts that went to print. Most notably, there is a really outdated material in the Vaadin embedding section, related to version 5.2. I hope there isn't much Toolkit 4 stuff left, just cleaned some references out at the last minute.

This all applies only to the print edition, which you can pick up for free at some conferences. The web edition is always the latest and it gets all additions on the same day I edit it.

Vaadin 7 is in the works. We hope to get a preview edition of the Vaadin 7 book out in the summer, in July or so. Perhaps it could be red, if we begin the color cycle in the same order we did with Vaadin 6. The color is always a big decision.

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