Monday, February 1, 2010

Vaadin Refcard is out!

The Vaadin Refcard is finally out at DZone. Download yours now or browse the card on-line.

If you're a newcomer to Vaadin or interested in finding out what it is, the Refcard offers a great introduction to Vaadin. Much of the reference material should be also useful to those already familiar with Vaadin.

The six pages of the Refcard present a well thought summary of the most essential features of Vaadin, which are covered in detail in the Book of Vaadin. Much of the reference information is presented in tightly packed diagrams; just look at them for a moment and I hope you'll see the genius of Vaadin as I do.

The contents are:
  • Creating an Application
  • Components
  • Layout Components
  • Themes
  • Data Binding
  • Creating New Components
As Vaadin is developing fast, I hope to make updates to the card occasionally. So, especially after update releases (Vaadin 6.3 is coming next), please look out for an update of the card.

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Anonymous said...

You do a gr8 job !!!
Vaadin look beter and better each day and i will adopt it for the next big project i do