Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Vaadin Refcard updated

I made a few minor corrections and additions to the Vaadin Refcard, which was released last week at DZone. If you already downloaded it, you might to get the new version.
  • Vaadin is available under Apache License 2.0
  • For Item editors, such as the Form component, you can set the item data source with setItemDataSource()
  • For Container editors, such as the Table or Tree components, you can set the container data source with setContainerDataSource()
  • The book cover on the last page was updated - the cover for Vaadin 6.2 edition is blue
  • The text in the last page was reordered to be more correct
The refcard could be updated next after Vaadin 6.3 is released in the late spring. The major features are use of GWT 2.0 for the client-side, drag'n'drop, and support for portlet flat mode.

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    Vicabel said...

    It will be nice to get the Book of Vaadin in a small pocket size notebook like some dictionaries are...Anyway, the Refcard was very helpful to me.It made me get a larger picture of the whole Vaadin Framework in 7 pages. Thank you